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Introducing Saber PHP browser based POS software for small retail stores. Saber PHP is completely free point of sale software based on the popular Open Source POS. Saber PHP is almost identical except for the addition of optional built in credit card processing. Saber PHP is run inside your web browser and can be installed locally or run from a web server for multiple locations.  In addition, we have also partnered the software with another open source project that enables a self contained portable web server. The download link below contains a complete Apache, MySQL, PHP web server along with the pre-installed and configured retail POS software.  No installers, just download the zip file, extract, start the web server, and log into your point of sale software. You can even take it with you on a thumb drive.

Saber PHP is extremely easy to use. Simply setup your store information, add your items, and start making sales. Manage Customers, Manage Inventory, Suppliers, Receivables, Employees, localized Gift Cards, Credit Cards, Reports and much more.

Saber PHP is compatible with most keyboard emulated barcode scanners, most POS receipt printers and standard keyboard emulated MSRs for credit card processing. We recommend FireFox or Safari Web browsers.

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 Username:  admin

       Password: pointofsale

If you like what you see find the link below to download SaberPHP and run it on you own computer.


To instal just extract the zip file anywhere you like and start the SaberPHP.exe

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